Rajasthan BSTC Answer Key 2020 Pre Deled Cutoff Download PDF

Rajasthan BSTC 2020 exam was completed peacefully between 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on August 31, Rajasthan BSTC students have been waiting for the answer since the examination has been completed. We are here to provide you with all the papers. So that you can check your correct answer by matching your questions, there was a 200 question paper for Rajasthan BSTC Exam 2020 which was number 600. We provide you here the answer prepared by reputed coaching institute and subject matter expert. Have been

Rajasthan BSTC Answer Key 2020 Pdf 31 August Download

We know that after the examination is over, the candidates want to know how many numbers are being made in their paper, how the paper is made, for which they match the answer key so that if a personal candidate is correct and he is showing wrong. He can now also jacken Rajasthan BSTC Answer Key 2020 Pdf Download is released a few days later from the official answer test, but we have prepared Rajasthan BSTC Answer 2020 Answer which is prepared by various coaching institutes and experts. It has been done that the candidates can calculate their marks through Pre BSTC Answer Key, the candidates who pass the written examination will be called for counseling.

Rajasthan BSTC Cutoff 2020

After matching Rajasthan BSTC Answer 2020, candidates will be able to ensure their counseling participation when they find out their Rajasthan BSTC Cutoff 2020. Estimated cutoff and cutoff released by Rajasthan Education Department may vary, so final cutoff of Education Department will be valid.

Rajasthan BSTC Pre Deled 2020

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Rajasthan BSTC Exam31 August 2020
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BSTC 2020 Teaching Aptitude Answer Key

1: The reason for speech and language is underdeveloped-
(A) Deafness after language knowledge
(B) lack of proper training
(C) Deafness at birth
(D) Shortly after birth
Correct Answer: B

2: According to your opinion, “In-service teacher training program is a good measure of orientation”
(A) Uncertain
(B) False
(C) Truth
(D) Async
Correct Answer: C

3: What kind of aptitude should a teacher have with these workers?
(A) negative
(B) critical
(C) Collaborative
(D) Creative
Correct Answer: C

4: The main job of the teacher is-
(A) Completion of lessons on time
(B) Imparting effective education to students
(C) Guiding the students
(D) Dealing with students favorably
Correct Answer: B

5: According to you what should be the communication of the class?
(A) difficult
(B) General
(C) Interesting
(D) effective
Correct Answer: D

6: Students follow that school teacher-
(A) which is similar to their ideals
(B) Those who do not favor
(C) whom they would like to meet
(D) One who is attractive to watch
Correct Answer: A

7: Which of the following contributes most to the development of a child?
(A) Good school
(B) Text books
(C) Wealthy parents
(D) Qualified and dedicated teachers
Correct Answer: D

8: What is the main feature of continuous and comprehensive evaluation?
(A) It increases the workload of students
(B) It evaluates every aspect of the student
(C) This test is helpful in reducing fear
(D) It will convert the marks into grades
Correct Answer: B

9: Teacher should be proficient in his work.
(A) Students will be able to get knowledge from teacher
(B) Students will remain in control
(C) The teacher will go to tuition
(D) Students will get proper instruction
Correct Answer: D

10: Child assumes the initial lesson of the sense of responsibility-
(A) From home
(B) from school
(C) Society
(D) self
Correct Answer: A

11: You will give the highest importance to the progress of teaching business-
(A) Quality classroom teaching
(B) Doing research work
(C) Writing good books
(D) Migration from teaching work
Correct Answer: A

12: Teacher and institution head of each other-
(A) are competitive
(B) are friends
(C) are partners
(D) are opposites
Correct Answer: C

13: While teaching in class, a student asked you a question which you do not know the answer to, what would you do in such a situation?
(A) will get him scolded
(B) Call the question silent
(C) will try to answer his question as much as possible
(D) Promise to answer the next day
Correct Answer: C

14: For proper communication in the classroom it is necessary that your behavior is completely dramatic. This statement is-
(A) True
(B) False
(C) possibly or false
(D) Can not say
Correct Answer: A

15: In your opinion teachers should come to school on time because-
(A) It is their duty
(B) They are the source of inspiration for students
(C) It is not necessary to arrive on time
(D) On time students will also come on time
Correct Answer: D

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16: What is the purpose of asking questions in class as a subject teacher?
(A) For discussion on teaching in students
(B) To keep the students active and focused in the classroom
(C) For discipline in class
(D) To improve teaching
Correct Answer: B

17: The objective of the teacher should be-
(A) Helping students pass the exam
(B) All round development of students
(C) Efficiency in handling letters
(D) To teach students discrimination
Correct Answer: B

18: Which teaching method will you adopt for the development of creativity?
(A) Problem Solving Method
(B) Story method
(C) Lecture method
(D) Individual history method
Correct Answer: A

19: For learning, teacher should be-
(A) Effortful
(B) Aware
(C) Book collector
(D) Neutral
Correct Answer: A

20: School is a small form of society. This statement is-
(A) Mostly true
(B) some truth
(C) Truth
(D) False
Correct Answer: C

21: According to you the value of a teacher is –
(A) Cheerful nature
(B) Attractive costumes
(C) Good personality
(D) Knowledge of teaching methods
Correct Answer: D

22: How can the mistake correction method be promoted-
(A) by sports method
(B) independently studied
(C) By audio-visual material
(D) the manner of play
Correct Answer: A

23: If all the students in your class are not giving the right answer then what will you do-
(A) will explain
(B) will give them home work
(C) Will complain to their parents
(D) repeat the lesson in class
Correct Answer: D

24: To remove social evils you-
(A) Will make the public aware
(B) will resolve
(C) will do nothing
(D) Bring poster awakening
Correct Answer: A

25: Your friend’s son studies in your class.
(A) disciplined
(B) partiality complete
(C) Like a normal student
(D) Like a son
Correct Answer: C

26: You as a teacher will encourage students-
(A) To develop intellectual level
(B) To become self-reliant
(C) To get higher education
(D) To remain unmarried
Correct Answer: A

27: Why did you decide to become a teacher-
(A) I can earn a lot of money by tuition
(B) Can teach my own children
(C) I love teaching
(D) I cannot get any other job
Correct Answer: C

28: Appreciation, individually or collectively, is called in technical language-
(A) Discipline
(B) Award
(C) Difference among students
(D) Assistant in efficient management
Correct Answer: B

29: According to your opinion effective teaching result is-
(A) Befriending students
(B) Rights and communication over text
(C) experience
(D) Training
Correct Answer: B

30: If the child is not socialized, what will he be like?
(A) Animal
(B) Non-social
(C) Antisocial
(D) full social
Correct Answer: C

31: Homework makes the students lovers of self-education, but together with the students-
(A) produces logic and ideas
(B) reduces the tendency to move
(C) Practice of subject knowledge
(D) causes fatigue
Correct Answer: C

32: Leadership is the name of a particular process, for which there can be two excellent words –
(A) Dominance
(B) Domination – Administration
(C) Domination – slave
(D) Dominance – Approval
Correct Answer: B

33: It becomes necessary for the teacher to do the student’s assessment work because –
(A) The school pays him a salary for this
(B) It is under the rules and regulation of the government
(C) It keeps on learning the learning ability of the students
(D) There remains harmony in both learning capacity and therapeutic status
Correct Answer: D

34: Before entering the classroom for teaching, I
(A) I will make myself happy
(B) I will gaze at the mirror
(C) I will take the teaching aids of today’s lesson
(D) organize my lesson plan
Correct Answer: C

35: Very important for teaching business-
(A) Scholarship
(B) high recommendations
(C) Teaching Aptitude
(D) High percentage of digits
Correct Answer: C

36: As a teacher, would you say educate your son?
(A) No, nothing is kept in this business
(B) Yes if he voluntarily agrees to it
(C) Can not say
(D) Yes
Correct Answer: B

37: In your opinion, the priority of the need to improve the current education system is-
(A) Commercialization of education
(B) Change in evaluation system
(C) Increased use of computers in education
(D) Course change
Correct Answer: D

38: The basic basis of leadership is considered as-
(A) Praise
(B) desire to serve
(C) Interest of the group
(D) Can not say anything
Correct Answer: C

39: Social maturity means-
(A) Force ripening like a fruit
(B) Development of discretion in the child
(C) Development of social skills in the child
(D) To demonstrate balanced social behavior in front of the child’s face
Correct Answer: D

40: The basic agency of social development of boys and girls is called
(A) School
(B) Parents and Family
(C) Medium of communication
(D) Community
Correct Answer: B

41: What will you do if a student tells you about their family problem?
(A) will listen to his problem and suggest possible solutions to him
(B) will listen to his problem and give him moral strength
(C) Only ask him to discuss the problem related to studies
(D) how much he has to not discuss the family problem
Correct Answer: A

42: According to your opinion it is necessary to learn-
(A) Encouragement by the teacher
(B) Common sense
(C) Curiosity
(D) reading habit
Correct Answer: C

43: In your opinion education develops from-
(A) Intellect
(B) Qualifications
(C) Maturity
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: A

44: The most important role for developing the qualities of a good leader is-
(A) Political platform
(B) School
(C) Family
(D) Cinema Hall
Correct Answer: A

45: Teaching is an interaction –
(A) Between teacher and parents
(B) Between student and teacher
(C) Between student and student
(D) Between student, teacher and subject
Correct Answer: D

46: In your opinion the basis of interpersonal relations is-
(A) equality of ideas
(B) Regionalism
(C) Education
(D) Rupee money
Correct Answer: C

47: The foundation of the child is created by the teacher of primary level, hence his work is-
(A) Decisive
(B) difficult
(C) simple
(D) Important
Correct Answer: B

48: What should the teacher do to develop logical ability and creative thinking in students?
(A) Group discussion
(B) Debate
(C) Seminars
(D) giving lectures to students
Correct Answer: B

49: What do you think is necessary for a good teacher?
(A) Popularity among his colleagues
(B) Commitment to teaching work
(C) Being an effective investigator
(D) allegiance to its institution
Correct Answer: B

50: Which of the following personal qualities of a teacher affects teaching?
(A) sensitivity
(B) Social efficiency
(C) Physical strength
(D) Managing efficiency
Correct Answer: C

Rajasthan BSTC Answer Key 2020 GK Download Pdf

When will Rajasthan BSTC 2020 official answer be released?

Rajasthan will be released a few days after the official answer test of BSTC 2020.

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