While millions of gamers are still struggling to find a retailer who has an Xbox Series X in stock, who already have their hands on the device, they may have noticed that their controllers are not connected to their consoles. Microsoft is now accepting this problem and promising to fix it.

For many Xbox Series X users, controllers disconnecting from the console may appear random or sporadic. In other cases, it occurs while playing a specific game, some of which (including our own editor Alex Kranz) has attributed to interfering with their home wireless network.

However, for anyone who has spent some time browsing on Microsoft’s help forums or threads such as Reddit, there are obvious problems with the Xbox Series X that maintaining relationships with their controllers is not a separate issue. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem. A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to Verge, “We know that some players are disconnecting with their new Xbox wireless controllers and our team is actively working on solutions to be included in future updates Huh.”

The challenge for Microsoft is that the issue of the controllers disconnecting from the console occurs in somewhat different ways. For some, the controller is not simply placed in the console, while for others, the controller can be properly synced even if the console does not register any input or button press. And in other cases, disconnected controllers seem to be a much more common issue when playing titles like Assassin’s Creed Vallah.

Alex Kranz stated that the problem could be solved by removing the batteries from the controller and then rearranging them (essentially restarting the device). Unfortunately, it is unclear what caused the disconnect at first, and while Microsoft said it is being investigated, there is currently no timetable when a new patch or fix may be available.

A little good news is that if you are a PC user who is suffering from an Xbox series controller disconnecting from a Windows computer via Bluetooth, Microsoft has already released a patch for it via Windows Update .

So for anyone outside who was wondering why their Xbox Series X controller is being randomly disconnected from their console, at least you know it’s a real problem. Hopefully Microsoft can find a solution soon.

The Xbox Series X feels like a giant PC upgrade for your Xbox game, but a fraction of buyers are also experiencing an unusually slump – the new Xbox Series X gamepad doesn’t connect to the console in some games And some situations, according to a 40-page thread in Microsoft’s help forum.

Good news: Microsoft is aware of this issue, and has a fix on the way. Company spokesperson The Verge reported, “We know that some players are experiencing disconnects with their new Xbox wireless controllers and our team is actively working into a solution.”

Again, it is unclear how widespread the issue really is – although the roughly 1,700 co-signer on the 40-page forum post is enough to show that it is certainly a concern, with over a million units. These consoles, for a small part, were anticipated to be sold at launch. And some of those reporting this problem say that it only happens in some games, such as Assassin’s Creed Vallah, as you’ll see if you read through the forum or Reddit threads.

Even from the video clip we’ve seen, nothing necessarily shows the same problem: one of these is a controller that doesn’t synchronize all on the console, while the other is paired, but Not sending input successfully.

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