It’s a full-scale model of a house designed with features to help people with dementia, CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported Wednesday.

The residence was created to make life easier for people with dementia. It is full of expertise and concepts that will leave you stunned.

The President and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Charles J. Fuscillo Jr. says that if someone you love is aroused, calming colors can help, too.

“Totally, so that you can see blue on sofas and beds and through the whole condo. It affects a person’s temperament,” says Charles J., president and CEO of Alzheimer’s Basis of America. Fuscillo Jr. said.

The Wise Fridge is pretty cool. The fridge has a digital camera that you can enter from outside the house on an app. You can also program photos and required messages to the door.

“It might inform you, are they taking their treatment? Are they eating and are they eating if you’re not here?” Fuscillo said.

The range can be completely stacked with burners that can only heat up to a certain temperature.

“If there’s a fire, god forbid, we now have extinguishers here that can be attached to magnets that can explode and put out a fire at a certain temperature of baking soda,” Fuschilo said.

There are special recipes that may be easier to keep up with. The mattress can be raised and lowered by the distant lead, which is followed by the phone.

“This cellphone can be programmed into a huge number of things or it can be pictures of your loved ones and colleagues,” Fuscillo said. “They can see an image they like. Just press the button and it will go to them regularly.”

A simplified remote management for the TV can also help.

“So that you just press a button and you too go to your favorite channel. Another button, same factor, little more than surfing,” Fuscillo said.

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